The Harrow Green community

Your new community at Harrow Green, fostering safe neighbourhoods, sustainability and great living.

Unique homes

A unique feel on every street

At Harrow Green, we don't have clones of houses lining the street making every house look the same. Instead, you will see unique designs, set back from the street for an inviting community feel.

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Where sustainable homes becomes standard

Join a community of like-minded homeowners who want a better today now and a better future for generations ahead.

Solar street lights

Evening strolls and playing in the street with the neighbors are powered by our solar street lights.

Recycled asphalt roads

In a first for New Zealand, we recycle asphalt, significantly reducing the amount of waste sent to landfill. 

Harrow Green, Rolleston

A local nature reserve provides open green space for gathering, daydreaming or a neighborhood game of cricket. In the nearby bustling hub of Rolleston you will find cafes, eateries and core services including supermarkets and medical centres.

The bustling village of Rolleston at your doorstep.

Cafes, eateries and core services including supermarkets and medical centres. You will also find:

Quality education
Quality education

Harrow Green is zoned for Lemonwood Grove School, Rolleston College and with Rolleston Christian school nearby.

Selwyn Aquatic Centre
Selwyn Aquatic Centre

Boasting 5 pools, including lane pools, leisure areas and a lazy river.

Selwyn Sports Centre
Selwyn Sports Centre

Enjoy group fitness classes, sports leagues and social sports facilities.

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