We're building a sustainable future for you and for generations to come.

Bringing our sustainability philosophy into your home

Imagine living in a community that breathes green - from your walls to your neighborhood. At Kevler Homes, sustainability isn't just a buzzword, it's how we build a healthier, happier life for you and for generations to come. We've gone beyond industry standards to craft a space where energy efficiency, sustainable methodologies and thoughtful design meet modern living. Welcome Harrow Green, a future you can feel good about.

Waste reduction
Waste reduction

At Harrow Green, we are the property developer and the home builder. This instantly reduces a significant amount of waste associated with initial civil engineering of the area.


Fulton Hogan's innovative material offers a significantly reduced carbon footprint, with manufacturing processes leading to emissions savings between 15-20% compared to traditional asphalt. Proudly made here in Christchurch. 


Hand-picked sustainable building materials, sourced locally where possible to reduce transport -related emissions.

Reduced emissions
Reduced emissions

We efficiently run civil construction and residential construction simultaneously, significantly reducing the emissions typically caused by heavy machinery and multiple truck journeys.

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Kevler’s Commitment: Drive towards a greener future at Harrow Green

We are committed to building a sustainable future, and we’re making it easier for you to live responsibly. If you own an electric vehicle (EV) or plug-in hybrid, we'll provide a free EV charger for your Harrow Green home, making charging convenient and reducing your carbon footprint. Not only that, we'll give you 30,000km of free EV road user charges, worth $2,200, to sweeten the deal of electric driving. 

Even if you haven't made the switch yet, we've got you covered. We'll pre-wire your garage for future EV charging, so you're ready to drive into a greener future if you decide to go electric.

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Waste minimisation: Greater affordability for you

At Harrow Green, we have meticulously curated a process that ensures efficiency and responsible resource management at every stage.

Just like the meticulous craftsman of bygone eras, we hold dear the adage of "measure twice, cut once." Our experienced team takes pride in their keen eye and unwavering commitment to accurate material estimates and waste reduction.

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Our roading development methodology: 
A remarkable reduction in construction waste

Imagine a new neighbourhood rising, roads gleaming, lawns pristine. However, in typical developments, these roads and lawns get ripped up as builders rework the land, creating tonnes of needless waste.

At Harrow Green, we break this cycle. We act as both developer and builder, and therefore roads and infrastructure rise once, built to last, with zero reworks and minimal discarded materials.

The result? A remarkable reduction in construction waste. 

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